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This is a poll to determine if we should gear up for Winter Field Day.  Please let us know your thoughts by taking the poll.

I don't understand - do we need to bring our own white stuff?  And what is that, any way??

white stuff usually found in colder areas.  every time I try to bring some to Florida it turns into water.  It's the darndest thing.

I am all for a field day we say we want more people, and in order to do that we have to get out where the people are. I know we had a poor response at the gun show of those who could or would work it but I am willing to do what I can. Lets make this club great and do our part together. As the new Vice President of this club I would love to see us become a big part of this tri county by becoming active in the things going on around us.

I suggest we check out the new Flea Mkt out on 90 as a possible site for Winter Field Day. 

I have already talked to them about setting up a booth for general information like we had at the Farmer's Market.  We should get a lot of traffic at the flea market.

With the low response I got on my Winter Field Day poll, maybe we could just have a mini Winter Field Day and use it as a way to generate interest in ham radio.


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