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Newsworthy articles about Amateur Radio.

07/04/2015 12:13 PM
ICQPodcast interviews Graham Somerville BHI Noise Cancelling Products
Martin Butler (M1MRB / W9ICQ) of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast interviews Graham Somerville of BHI Noise Cancelling Products at the Ham Radio...
07/04/2015 12:10 PM
ICQPodcast interviews Paul Bigwood (G3WYW) Yaesu
Martin Butler (M1MRB / W9ICQ) of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast interviews Paul Bigwood (G3WYW) from Yaesu at the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen...
07/03/2015 02:26 PM
'Mini' GO-BOX Giveaway from is giving away a 15-Piece 'Mini' GO-BOX this Saturday, July 4, 2015. Details here: or at...
07/03/2015 01:48 PM
2015 ARRL/TAPR DCC (Digital Communications Conference) Call for Papers & Registration
*ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference* October 9 - 11, 2015 Chicago, IL Mark your calendar and start making plans to attend the...
07/02/2015 03:59 PM
Amateur Radio Capabilities added to the Maritime Incident Response Team
Audubon NJ – The Tri-State Maritime Safety Association (TMSA) added Amateur Radio capabilities to its Maritime Incident Response Team in early...
07/02/2015 03:54 PM
Record making Aussie balloon finally returns home
**Record making Aussie balloon finally returns home** Attachment 241398...
07/02/2015 02:01 PM
The ARRL Letter, July 2, 2015
*The ARRL Letter* *July 2, 2015* Rick Lindquist (, WW1ME, Editor *[Note: Clicking on the story links below will take you to the...
06/30/2015 06:52 PM
100 Watts and a Wire with Christian Cudnik, KØSTH​ Officially Launches!
Fans of 'Ham Nation' may recognize Christian, KØSTH from his work as the host of the "New Ham" segment. '100 Watts and a Wire' is a program...
06/30/2015 01:45 PM
Wicker, Blumenthal co-sponsor S.1685, Senate version of Amateur Radio Parity Act
Due to the lobbying efforts of the ARRL and licensed amateurs in Mississippi, Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) has co-sponsored a Senate version of H.R....
06/29/2015 06:23 PM
The Ham Radio Deluxe Team is Growing Again!
*Press Release* Ham Radio Deluxe News: The HRD Team is Growing Again! Tampa, FL; Dallas, TX; St. Paul, MN — June 29, 2015 HRD Software,...
06/28/2015 04:08 PM
Solar Storms Continue, as Power Grid Braces Itself
A third solar storm flared up Thursday, and power-grid operators are again bracing themselves for a potentially damaging geomagnetic storm, according...
06/28/2015 03:28 AM
ICQPODCAST in Friedrichshafen 2015
*Series Eight Episode Fourteen - Friedrichshafen Review (28 June 2015)* In this episode of the ICQ Amateur / Ham radio Podcast, we start our...
06/27/2015 01:04 AM
Ham College episode 6
*Ham College episode 6 *June 30, 2015 Ham College episode 6 is now available for download ( ...
06/26/2015 06:18 PM
field day on QSO Radio and
Have you every wanted to be on a powerful 100 KW shortwave station?We will be doing a live video webcast from the studios of QSO Radio Show. The...
06/25/2015 03:42 PM
The ARRL Letter, June 25, 2015
*The ARRL Letter* *June 26, 2015* Rick Lindquist (, WW1ME, Editor *[Note: Clicking on the story links below will take you to the...

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