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Newsworthy articles about Amateur Radio.

02/28/2015 10:41 AM
Book helps Hams have fun with Morse Code
**Book helps Hams have fun with Morse Code** Passing a Morse Code test is no longer required to get an amateur radio license,...
02/25/2015 07:51 PM
SSTV diploma
**SSTV diploma** Radio amateurs from Poland created a diploma commemorating the SSTV activity from the International Space...
02/25/2015 01:34 PM
Ionospheric Sounding Using Real-Time Amateur Radio Reporting Networks
As seen on the latest ARRL Contest Update bulletin, "The Reverse Beacon Network's unending stream of radio observations from around the world has...
02/25/2015 12:58 PM
Nominating period open for 2015 young ham of the year award
NOMINATING PERIOD OPEN FOR 2015 YOUNG HAM OF THE YEAR AWARD Amateur Radio Newsline is seeking nominations for its 2015 Young Ham of the...
02/25/2015 10:36 AM
HamRadioNow: RV's and Hams - On the Road from Orlando
Image: (** ( *Episode 191:*...
02/24/2015 08:21 PM
This Week's QRZ Subscriber Rewards Prize Winner
Subscriber Rewards is our way of saying thanks our loyal subscribers upon whose support we humbly depend to keep the site running. Every week we...
02/24/2015 11:32 AM
Amateur Radio ringtone from NASA
NASA has released a set of soundbites suitable for use as ringtones or computer notifications. ...
02/23/2015 05:18 AM
Amateur radio based group rescues released broadcast frequency
**Amateur radio based group rescues released broadcast frequency** When the 'Deutsche Welle' decided to close down one of...
02/23/2015 05:09 AM
Stunning results from ISS SSTV
**Stunning results from ISS SSTV** The ISS Slow Scan Television transmissions have already produced some...
02/22/2015 01:10 PM
S8 E4 ICQPodcast - Q and A and Repair Tips has been released.
*Series Eight EpisodeFour of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast - Q and A and Repair Tipshas been released. * In this episodeMartin M1MRB /...
02/22/2015 04:49 AM
QSO Today Podcast Episode 30 - Greg Lane - N4KGL
*Greg Lane, N4KGL, tells us how amateur radio adds to his enjoyment of his other outdoor hobbies that include Rocketry and model airplanes. As one...
02/21/2015 03:15 PM
Dayton Hamvention System Fusion Forum Announced
*The first System Fusion forum at the Dayton Hamvention has been scheduled. * *The System Fusion Forum will be Sunday morning, 5/17 at 10:30 am in...
02/20/2015 11:32 PM
Amateur Radio Newsline(tm) Report 1953 February 20 2015
Amateur Radio Newsline(tm) Report 1953 February 20 2015 Amateur Radio Newsline report number 1953 with a release date of Friday, February...
02/20/2015 08:37 PM
HamRadioNow: CQ 'Comes Clean'
Image: (** ( *Episode 189:*...
02/20/2015 06:29 PM
Magnolia Intertie GOTA Event at French Camp, MS, Saturday Feb 21, 2015: 2-4pm CST
The *French Camp Academy* was established in 1888 in central Mississippi along the Natchez Trace as a home for troubled youth (see...

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