Welcome to the Columbia County Amateur Radio Society (CARS) Website

This site was created for the members of CARS, but anyone interested in Amateur Radio may join and participate.

Everyone is welcome to read our webpage and look at our forums, but in order to stop spammers,
we ask that you register before we allow you to post. If you would like to register you can send an email to:


Please include your Name, license class, call sign, email address and reason why you want to join CARS.

If you don't have a license you can omit the license class and call sign.

If you would like to become a member of the Columbia Amateur Radio Society please mention it in your email.
Yearly dues are $20.00 and can be paid at the next meeting. Meetings are held in Lake City Florida on the 3rd
Monday of each month. Time and date of the next meeting is posted on the website, along with directions on how
to get to the meeting place. You do not have to be a radio amateur to join CARS.

Thank you,