Columbia Co. and Lake City Frequencies
    This file is offered as a convenience - not necessarily a standard ;o)

    This file includes frequencies commonly used in area operations:

    • 1-25 Local ham repeaters and simplex
    • 30-43 SARNET repeaters (
    • 51-57 NWS stations - Lake City is #51 NOAA1
    • 60-84 FRS, MURS and GMRS channels - know the regs.
    • 100 Lake City Fire Department
    • 101-103 Lake City Police Department
    • 110-112 Columbia County Sheriff
    • 113-116 Columbia County Fire Rescue

    This is a CHIRP file for the Baofeng radio. Download CHIRP (click here) and open this file (click to download). Save the "CARSfreq03-18-19.img" file to your Baofeng or other ham radio folder. Open Chirp and then open the file.

    Transmitting an any frequencie is regulated by the FCC including the FRS (click), MURS (click) and GMRS(click) . Know the rules. The State of Florida prohibits transmitting on any frequency without authorization (The 2016 Florida Statutes 877.27 Unauthorized transmissions. . ). Additionally, the use of police/fire scanners in vehicles is prohibited - there are a couple exemptions from this regulation and licensed hams is one of them (The 2018 Florida Statutes 843.16(5)(b)(3)(a)).