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Columbia Amateur RADIO SOCIETY
Operating since 1958

We wish to welcome everyone to Amateur Radio. Come and experience the fun and challenges of radio. The purpose of the radio club is to: advance general interest and knowledge of amateur radio, promote cooperation and exchange of information between members, conduct club programs, and to provide public service support for community activities. All this is just the beginning.

Amateur radio is a hobby that attracts a wide range of people interested in all facets of radio communications. Involvement in amateur radio allows people to practice their public speaking skills as well as the advancement of one's knowledge of radio theory, electronics, and emergency management.

Operating Frequencies 
Repeater (two meter) 146.940 MHz 
Repeater (two meter) 145.490 MHz 
Simplex (two meter local) 146.420 MHz
Simplex (two meter national) 146.520 MHz

What's new ? (05/11/2013)

  • (05/11/2013) Updated 12 Local Frequencies in the database.
  • (09/23/2011) Added a missing kids box and basic weather forecast.
  • (09/20/2011) SkyWARN box now alerts spotters of when to activate.
  • (09/18/2011) Columbia County Amateur Radio Society now has a logo. Found on the front page of this site.
  • (03/15/2010) January, February, and March's Newsletters have been posted.
  • (01/10/2010) Updated the calendar and added some local news.
  • (08/19/2009) List of frequencies within 100 miles of Lake City, FL has been added to the site.

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